SPE Foton

Limited liability partnership “Scientific-production enterprise (SPE) Foton” was founded in 2009. It designs and manufactures light-emitting diode (LED) lamps.

The main area of its activity is design and introduction of modern energy saving technologies into daily life.

Light-emitting diode lamps Foton

The product range is design by company experts taking into account the latest up-to-date tendencies in illuminating engineering. At present we produce the series of DKU30U-type street-lights luminaries, DSO-type industrial luminaries, DVO and DPO-type for home and public rooms lighting, luminaries for illumination of medical establishments and dental departments.

We pay great attention to the production quality and performance consistency control and as the result our company got the declarations of conformity.

The tests are carried out by the State Lighting Equipment Testing Centre State Enterprise “Ukrainian Illuminating Engineering Institute” and verified by corresponding records.

This site will be of great help for those who is not acquainted with our products and will provide a background for broad and meaningful cooperation.


59A, Brodivska Str., Ternopil

46002 Ukraine

SPE Foton


 phone/fax: +38(035) 252-24-58

 phone: +38(067) 695-51-21

 e-mail: foton.nvp@gmail.com