Luminaries for living and public rooms of DPO-series are manufactured on profile basis specific to industrial luminaries and are based on light engineering solutions taking into account peculiarities of specific illuminated object including the room height, the need of illumination levels. In such a case the used profile allows to get different luminaries versions.

“Foton” experts started to design new original products that change common luminary configuration (shape) of such type and at the same time provide necessary level of illumination quality.

The luminary is designed for mounting on common and suspended ceilings made of normally ignitable materials and for general illumination of administrative-public rooms (foyer, trading and bank institutions, design bureaus, working and study rooms, cultural establishments).

Light-emitting diode luminary with disperser made of polystyrene with antiglare effect on hanger cable is for general lighting of public, production and warehouse rooms.


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