Industrial luminaries designed by SPE “Foton” are based on two frame profiles.

The first type of DSP-58U-series products is designed on the basis of the street luminary elements making some changes in lighting part and using specific diffusers. It made possible to use them widely in various branches on working places as well as in storage rooms, passages, corridors, etc.

SPE “Foton” has the right – conclusion of DSP-58U-type luminary use in food industry.

The second type of DSO-04U series luminaries is based on another profile and allows to get various kinds of products depending on customers needs taking into account ceiling height, bonding techniques, necessary capacity and as the result– effective illumination.

The industriallight-emitting diode luminary of DSP-58U-type for mounting on the wire rope with light source from light-emitting diode module is appropriate for general illumination of manufacturing and food processing industrial floor areas with very humid and dust environment.

Light-emitting luminaries of DSO-04U-type are designed for mounting on common and suspended ceilings, walls made of normally ignitable materials and designed for general illumination of administrative-public rooms (foyer, trading and bank institutions, design bureaus, working and study rooms, cultural establishments).


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