Light-emitting diode (LED) lamps of DKU30U-type are used for outdoor illumination open areas, highways, city streets and rural settlements, squares, pedestrian crossings, bridges, tunnels, fuel filling stations, car parking areas, railroad crossings and railroad stations, warehouses, construction and industrial sites, etc.

DKU30U LED lamps are produced in anodized aluminium structural shape specially designed for maximum effective use of light-emitting diodes as the source of light. The application of light-emitting diodes manufactured by OSRAM Company allow to rise the lamps quality and reliability.

The construction of the aluminium frame makes it possible to reach the highest level of heat dissipation due to the application of the whole frame as open radiator. This solution provides the possibility to hold the thermal mode necessary for light-emitting diodes at any climate conditions at temperatures of -40 to +40 degrees Centigrade with complete use of light-emitting diode redundancy module.

On the product design stage high anti-vandal characteristics were built into them due to specially designed frame construction and diffuser made of shock-proof optical polycarbonate.

The lamps are designed to operate from a.c. system with nominal voltage 220 V frequency 50 Hz, but their steady operation is also observed at voltage changes from 170 to 250 V.

Special technology of direction pattern formation is used in the products for maximum effective use of luminous flux.

Street light-emitting diode lamps of DKU30U series are used for illumination of streets and local roads, building surrounding grounds, parks, car parking areas, etc.



The street pendant luminaries of DSU06U series are used to illuminate urban streets, park areas, car parking areas, various playgrounds, house and school yards, children’s playgrounds, pedestrian paths, etc.



DO-type flood lights with light source from light-emitting diode module is designed to illuminate ad creative, architectural forms, buildings, playground areas.


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