Luminous-intensity distribution curve

Light-emitting diode luminary with disperser made of polystyrene with antiglare effect on hanger cable is for general lighting of public, production and warehouse rooms.

Light-emitting diodes OSRAM (Germany) are the light sources.

The luminary meets the requirements of
DSTU IEC 60598-2-1:2002.



Luminous flux 6400 lm
Type of luminous intensity curve "D"
Colour temperature 5100°K
Supply voltage 220 V (50 Hz)
Consumption power, not more 52 W
Protection level ІР 40
Color rendering index 87
Operating range of environmental temperatures +1°С…+35°С
Dimensional specifications 560 × 560 × 35 mm
Weight, not more 3,6 kg


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