Dental luminary “Trio” consists of three component parts joined by general profile construction. The maximum lighting flux without the loss of shadowless effect needed for surgeon work is reached due to the luminary parts location at defined angle. At the same time all other properties of dental luminaries are also used.

Light-emitting diodes OSRAM (Germany) are the light sources.

The luminary meets the requirements of DSTU IEC 60598-2-25:2007.


Luminous flux 24000 lm
Type of luminous intensity curve "R"
Light distribution class P
Colour temperature 5100°K
Supply voltage 220 V (50 Hz)
Consumption power, not more 198 W
Protection level ІР 40
Color rendering index 85
Operating range of environmental temperatures +1°С…+35°С
Dimensional specifications 1250 × 410 × 100 mm
Installation dimensions, not less 460 × 265 mm
Weight, not more 9,0 kg


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